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January 1, 2010

Club Penguin NewsPaper #220 and Happy New Year

Hello Penguins! Happy new year to all! this year i’m thinking Trains will add alot more stuff to the site um and i’m guessing this site is gonna be doing better as me,pigpen,trains, and the others pull the blog up together so don’t worry i’m expecting this blog to do ALOT better this past year 😉

so the new Catalog is running late(dont blame cp okay? i bet you 100$ cp had a new years party and there just running late that’s all. and also the new pin is kinda running late…….so don’t worry and um also there’s a new newspaper out which i will post in a minute

Happy New Year Club Penguin

A new year in Clubpenguin

Coins for Change was a Success!! we all donated more then 330,000 coins! well done penguins!

well when the new pin and catalog is out i will probally post it 😉

well waddle on!



December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas From Trains Tv

Hey everyone! Zapper here ooo man i had a good christmas ;D lmao ipod,ipod headphones,tv,finding nemo poster puzzle(300 pieces)(almost done with it half done in 48 hours lmao),um some new southpole clothes, and alot more soo ya…ik i have blonde hair and all but i look like a gang member now…. i’m serious… sooo jaaaaaaa what’d you guys get for christmas? no wait let me guess a laptop,a snuggie(half of america got those) wait…let me guess Trains13 got a jimmie johnson poster,alot of train stuff, a bunch of nascar stuff ;D lmao and pigpen98 probally got football stuff lolol i’m good like that lolz



well cya guys later -Zapper

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