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September 6, 2009

doooo youuuu reeeeeememberrr meeeeeeeee?

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LOL!! hi to all the people who dont know me, im tamated.

i worked on this blog a year ago…and i got deleted… XP

im back now!!!

–Tamated 😀


September 2, 2009

Rockhoppers Coming!

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Hello Penguins!

Rockhopper is coming!!! And it looks like he will be here for the Fall Fair! 

Aug. 31st Blog Image.jpg

I’ve already got his background, how about you??? Have you found Rockhopper? Comment!
That’s all,

~ Lil Potts

PS. I might be able to get a tracker going…

August 28, 2009

Sports Catalog!

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Hello Penguins!
The New Sports Catalog is out! And it’s kinda disappointing.

1. It’s pretty much the same items as last year, just add a few wigs and some green.

2. No Cheats. Cmon. NO Cheats? Really.

3. Fred is not the most subscribed person on youtube. Wait…. thats good.

Those are some very good reasons to dislike this catalog, but I will post them ANYWAY. 

So anyway heres some stuff.

Ok so heres the Cover…

Picture 9

And the first page… Some football helmets and jerseys….  WOOHOO! (Sarcasm) 

Picture 10

Second Page… Wigs!!! YEE HAW. Ok. I never liked the wig idea in the first place…. But What the heck.

Picture 11

3rd Page… Ok i’ve always liked the sport furniture… So I like that part.

Picture 12

And final Page.. The Penguins At work is…. Lifeguard! Some Decent backgrounds… 

Picture 13

Well, OK catalog. I hoped for better.

Well, Comment what YOU think. I know a lot of people have different opinions…  

That’s all,

~ Lil Potts

August 21, 2009

A New Play And New Igloo Catalog Upgrades!

hey guys Zapper903 here ok soo there seems to be a new catalog here for your igloo and a new play! soooo let’s Start with the play now heres the stage :

i kinda like it =/ i guess haha what about you guys?

well heres the play catalog :

front cover

NOW, lets get started with the igloo part okk so there are 2 new catalogs for the igloos i really like what they picked out what do you guys think? all the dance floor is OLD! they brought back another thing i see… <_<……..doesnt suprise me lol.

well hope you guys like there new stuff and ummmmmmm ya soo untill the next update waddle on


August 18, 2009

Festival Of Flight Extended….And A New Play Is On The Way

hi guys Zapper903 here, sorry i haven’t been posting =( iv’e been sooooo busy hope you forgive me but also i have a message from Pigpen98, he said he will not be posting untill he gets his pass back he did forget it, but i will remind him to do the “forgot my password” thing sooo he might be back soon but anyway Ok soooo the Festival Of Flight has been extended…… Also there is a new play on the way this is a “never been seen before” play, but the water party is coming back i think also with the play =/  

so thats gonna be good, let me just say the underwater party is like EVERYONES FAVORITE PARTY! it brings back memories =) like you can even ask my good friend Lil potts he’ll tell you. Also i was on Professorlaxs chat last night talking to some friends who i would like to mention : Kittykatt3,Rice,Lila, and alot more and i asked them what do you think of the festival of Flight, kitty said : eh…gettin kind of bored of it i mean garys bg is the same as last year soo whats the diff? well kitty i completly agree with you. but here are some pics of the Festival Of Flight i took(the penguin i was on is shared by Stuartputt chat) all penguin rights reserved.

DO NOT ASK FOR THE PASSWORD… but tell me what you guys think of the party 😉 untill the next update Waddle on




August 14, 2009

Festival of Flight Cheats and Secrets

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Hey Guys!

The party is great!!!

Here’s some tips for finding items and secrets.

Go to the Plaza, in the bottom left-hand corner, the Green Propeller Cap is in the box. Obviously get it.

Picture 4

Then, go to the forest for a hot air ballon ride!

Picture 5

Go inside the ballon, and it will take you on a trip to the tallest mountain!

Picture 7

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Once your at the Tallest Mountain, you will see lots of stuff!

Picture 9

In the bottom left-hand corner, you see a jet pack. Get it.

Picture 11

That’s all,

See Ya!

~ Lil Potts

August 13, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue 200!

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Hey Guys!
I’ve decided to do a Newspaper Post! (The reason that this isn’t just a normal post Is because I barely do any Newspaper posts!
But because  todays newspaper is the two hundredth newspaper, I’ll post about it!)

First, on the front cover, it’s shows more about the Festival of Flight, coming tomorrow, A walk down memory lane, (Old Cp before Disney), and the Two Hundredth Newspaper!

Picture 4

Celebrate the 200th Newspaper!

Picture 5

And the walk down memory lane.

Picture 9

And more on the Festival of Flight!

Picture 8

There is also a new play coming out from August 21st to September 10th!

Picture 6

And a better Igloos catalog coming soon.

Picture 7

That’s all,

~ Lil Potts

August 6, 2009

CLub Penguin Times #199

hey everyone here isthe new newspaper it has in it new partys and the NEW COLOR!.


Club Penguin Better Igloo Catolog Vote?

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Hey everyone cp wats your help

The team’s always trying to make the things you want – and we’ve been doing some thinking about new furniture for your igloos. We’re hoping you’ll help us decide on a new furniture item for the September issue of Better Igloos! Click which piece of furniture you’d like to see most:

Dinosaur Statue
Dinosaur Statue
Green Beanbag Chair
Green Beanbag Chair
Globe on Pedestal
Globe on Pedestal

Whenever there’s a You Decide blog, we get tons of penguins who want to help choose, so it gets really busy. In the past, some of you have had to wait to leave comments. Until we can fix that, we’re going to keep the comments off when we do these kinds of blogs. So you won’t be able to leave a comment after you pick a furniture item – but they’ll be back on tomorrow!!

Don’t forget that you’ll see the Splatter shirt you chose last month in Friday’s new Penguin Style catalog!
wat will u vote?


July 27, 2009


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hey guys it’s Zapper903, sorry i haven’t been posting iv’e been REALLLLLLY busy but uhh pigpen98 wanted me to tell you guys that HE FORGOT HIS PASS soooo untill he figures it out he will not be posting anyway okk iv’e gone to the new chat MANY TIMES no one is there but luckily xat is now working on my computer I WILL BE ON XAT ALL DAY FROM NOW ON! and i have been talking with some ppl about this like Dgff101 he told me on heats chat that he misses Trains Chat MY GOD THIS IS A BORING SUMMER! remember last summer? for exp “who ever talks below this line ___________ has to eat RAW eggs” lol we need to stop wasting our summer time and use it on something cool/fun now i have planned this my self well i just planned it now but here it is

cant read??? it says :

  • when : July 28th 2009
  • where :
  • time : ALL DAY
  • why : it’s a new chat sooooo it’s time to open it and chat all day

hope to see you there!


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