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Hi guys, Zapper903 here well i thought i would just make a new page about some awesome/funny/cool people/friends of mine who you guys can look for on cp and make sure to add them 😉 now these ppl im about to list are gonna be here in the “Trains Tv Hall Of Fame” so see if your in here! 

  • Zapper903
  • Kittykatt3
  • Jeepkid7(Monkeydudes brother)
  • Monkeydude(Jeeps brother)
  • Kingpin2(Chewy)
  • Trains13
  • Trains13 jr
  • Pigpen98
  • Rock71
  • Corn Chipper
  • Lil potts
  • Spq96
  • Ici Fever
  • Piplup ice99(Icys brother)(Penguin Smashers)
  • icy joke78(pips brother)(Penguin Smashers)
  • Chrisdog93
  • Radio Wave
  • Pup320
  • Waves2245
  • Samy
  • Mohd 222
  • Tbone9090
  • Nichi Qt(Supaguy)
  • Ps2dude87
  • Doxinator
  • Andrick89
  • Cheesepizza4
  • Tooly228
  • Saavy(CPG mod)


the list will be updated each day sooo check back for more noww lets get to the hall of fame part

this is where ill put some ppls player card up for the hall of fame to be viewed so you know who 

to be the on the look out for the who to add


Jeepkid7 and Monkeydude :

Rock71 :

Cheesepizza4 :

Zapper903 :

Pigpen98 : 

Templand aka Zapper903 (Templands on my manage)

Spq96 :

Pup320 :

Tbone9090(Latest/Newest ClubpenguinTv author)

Skipper673 :

The Official Cp Royals Team :

CpcRoyals Video :

ooo Trains and Pigpen and everyone oo look whos that at 0:58 oo who is it? o yaa thats righttt 


this page will be updated daily wanna be featured? send us a pic of your player card and Zapper903(me) will put it soo dont worry and even if Lilpanther99 saw this i will not put him he is a freakin annoying cp stalker but i will put everyone else =) even if your not really famous or what 😉 with this page you win haha. So be sure to keep checking back to see if your in the hall of fame



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  1. Can I be on the Hall of Fame? Here’s my penguin:


    Comment by Megazboy1 — October 26, 2009 @ 9:18 pm

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