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December 5, 2009

Merry Christmas From Trains13 And Updates!

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Hey everyone im back i am renewing me membership for next year i will be posting alot more and everything so merry christmas i may have some christmas contest for now check out these cheats! My Isnt working so just for this time theses pictures are from so the credit goes there i just really wanted to post something plz dont get mad.

Here are The Catolog Cheats:

Thats All thanks to luxs site for the picture ( only This Time ) we will be back to normal soon! Also Check my Pin Tracker For The New Pin And Rockhopper On His Way!



October 16, 2009

Trains13 is back!

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hey everyone im back its been a hard last couple of weeks being in high school and stuff but i am back i will be posting on friday for now on and be on all weekend every weekend so here are some quick updates and authors plz start posting thanks

August 6, 2009

CLub Penguin Times #199

hey everyone here isthe new newspaper it has in it new partys and the NEW COLOR!.


Club Penguin Better Igloo Catolog Vote?

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Hey everyone cp wats your help

The team’s always trying to make the things you want – and we’ve been doing some thinking about new furniture for your igloos. We’re hoping you’ll help us decide on a new furniture item for the September issue of Better Igloos! Click which piece of furniture you’d like to see most:

Dinosaur Statue
Dinosaur Statue
Green Beanbag Chair
Green Beanbag Chair
Globe on Pedestal
Globe on Pedestal

Whenever there’s a You Decide blog, we get tons of penguins who want to help choose, so it gets really busy. In the past, some of you have had to wait to leave comments. Until we can fix that, we’re going to keep the comments off when we do these kinds of blogs. So you won’t be able to leave a comment after you pick a furniture item – but they’ll be back on tomorrow!!

Don’t forget that you’ll see the Splatter shirt you chose last month in Friday’s new Penguin Style catalog!
wat will u vote?


July 24, 2009

Vote For The New Color!hey

hey evryone trains13 here today the new vote for your color came out take a look wat will u vote for ?

Wat did u Vote For?

and new post cards!


July 23, 2009

Club Penguin Times #197

hey everyone  trains13 here sorry i havnt been posting i been doing stuff like last weekend i did a train show all weekend and stuff so lol lately its been the zapper posting show well not now lolz here are the important stuff from the cp times .

Thats All

Waddle On..


July 2, 2009

Club Penguin Times #194

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Hey everyone trains here lets look at some of the important stuff from the new news paper!

Festival Days Annouced!

New 101 Day List!

Sensei Is Coming!


Waddle On…


June 27, 2009

New Igloo Catolog And DJ3K Update

hey everyone yesturday alot of stuff came out on cp so lets take a look….

DJ3K Catolog!

New Igloo Catolog

New Flooring:

Cheats For New Igloo Catolog!

click all the Words ” Candy ” To get the Candy Igloo!

Follow The Arrow For The Other  Cheat ( Look At Picture Below )

Secret Stone Igloo ( Small )..

Click the Bar Removing The Floor ( in the Box )

Rockhopper Plants Keep On Truckn!



Your Can Play DJ3K With your Yellow Puffle Too!

Check Your Mail From Sensei..

New Igloo Music Too!

Well Thats All

Waddle On…..


June 25, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #193

hey everyone its trains13 and yes there is a new newspaper so here is some of the important stuff!

Dj3K Update Story:

New 101 Days Of Fun List:

Sensei Is Coming To Ninja HideOut:


Rockhopper Plants Are Growing!

Thats All
Waddle On…

June 19, 2009

New Better Igloos Catolog And New Pin!

Hey everyone today is friday and u know wat that means we get somekind of updates. So the updates for today are a new igloo catolog and a new pin also plants go into storage in the box deminsion.

New Better Igloo Catolog!

Catolog Cheats!

First Click The Tiki Torch Fire To Get the LCD Tv…

The Next Cheat Is Click the Medevial Banner And U Get the Ice Sculpture Penguin..

The Last One is u click the Garden and u get the Fence….


And there is a new welcome screen and u can now get to pay for 3 months ( limit time offer )

Well Thats All Thanks

Hey everyone Move your mouse over the header u will be doing it for hours trust me

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