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July 9, 2009

New News

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NewsHey Guys Its Icy! CP Released A New Newspaper Like Always. It Has More On The Music Jam, And Interview With Sensei, And In focus On Ruby And The Ruby, Wait I Forgot The 101 Days Of Fun! It Doesnt Give You Coins People! Well Atleast Not Me! Well Cya


Zapper903 : ALSO! i just got something from cp that had to be shown now be amazed AS OUR ARCH ENEMY WARRANTY ADMITS HIS SECRET

 WOW!!! JUST WOW LOOK AT THAT! now thats not all theres more!

if you wanna show everyone heres the link: 

wow..just wow.. isnt that something? pass it on to everyone on cp! put it on twitter give it to Heatblast227,Mmdance,Melbery,CHRISDOG93 —> (ALREADY DONE 😉 thx to me and pigpen98) no joke btw but pass it on! this is “New NEWS” loll

-Zapper903 just adding more to it.


June 20, 2009

Blogs Are Going

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Hey Guys Its Pip And Icy! People Are Finding Out Our Email So We Are Getting WordPress To Delete Us Off Blogs. Good News We Stay Here Our Site And Our BFFs Sites! We Are Staying With Trains13 And Mainly PenguinSmashers Our Site! :d


June 18, 2009

Parties Moved

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Hey Guys Its Icy. This May Sound Kinda Selfish But The Parties Are Going To Be Moved Because Of 3 Reasons

  1. I Had Drum Lessons And Im Tired
  2. Hypercam2 Isnt Loading
  3. Me And Pip Wanna Going Swimming With Bumper Boats

The Parties New Date Will Be Said Tomorrow! 


Parties reminder

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Hi guys This is a reminder for icys party then mine right after heres the info

  • Icyjoker78 on map
  • 4:30 PST
  • June 18th
  • Shiver

Heres mine (SHIP WRECK COVE)

  • Piplup ice99 on map
  • 4:50 PST
  • June 18th
  • Shiver

June 17, 2009

Summer BASH!

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Hey everyone its been a LONG time but me and icy are back with are summer bash heres a vid

~Pip hope u all will come!

January 19, 2009

Were back at last!!!!!!!!

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😉 were back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 2, 2009

Cya People

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Hey guys its IcyJoker78 and Piplup ice99. We’ve worked here awhile and it USED to be great. Then no1 was really posting. Trains was barely on. Worst of all CUSSING STARTED EVERYWHERE! We cant take it anymore so we are quitting AKA here. We’re srry but this is Good-Bye

       -Icy and Pip

December 12, 2008

Weekly Friday News AND SNOWBALL WAR!

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Hey guys it’s Icy! The return of Coins for a Change has started! Last Year in the first day I donated $34,000 coins today ive doubled that to $69,000 coins! I Will donate every day, U Should also! The return of Rockhopper was also today! He decorated the Migrator and its awesome!!!!!! Be sure to check it out! Well tonight im having a SNOW BALL WAR!!!!!!! Heres the info

  • IcyJoker78 on Map
  • Server Snowfall
  • Green VS Red (Christmas Clash)
  • Icy and Pip switching off Teams
  • Fighters can’t switch teams
  • Time 3:00pst

 Hope u can Come. I’ll have coins for a change pics later D CYA


Coins for a Change Pics & Migrator

CoinsForAChnage08-1.jpg picture by Piplupice99Locations. Captain’s Quarters. Plaza. Beach.

Migrator and Rockhopper’s Items he brought.

ChristmasMigrator-1.jpg picture by Piplupice99

November 16, 2008

pstv band

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Band-1.jpg picture by Piplupice99


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Band-1.jpg picture by Piplupice99

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