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August 28, 2009

Sports Catalog!

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Hello Penguins!
The New Sports Catalog is out! And it’s kinda disappointing.

1. It’s pretty much the same items as last year, just add a few wigs and some green.

2. No Cheats. Cmon. NO Cheats? Really.

3. Fred is not the most subscribed person on youtube. Wait…. thats good.

Those are some very good reasons to dislike this catalog, but I will post them ANYWAY. 

So anyway heres some stuff.

Ok so heres the Cover…

Picture 9

And the first page… Some football helmets and jerseys….  WOOHOO! (Sarcasm) 

Picture 10

Second Page… Wigs!!! YEE HAW. Ok. I never liked the wig idea in the first place…. But What the heck.

Picture 11

3rd Page… Ok i’ve always liked the sport furniture… So I like that part.

Picture 12

And final Page.. The Penguins At work is…. Lifeguard! Some Decent backgrounds… 

Picture 13

Well, OK catalog. I hoped for better.

Well, Comment what YOU think. I know a lot of people have different opinions…  

That’s all,

~ Lil Potts



  1. i had every single thing in this catalog except the green team crap.

    Comment by Rock71 (not logged in) — August 29, 2009 @ 1:03 pm


    Comment by Rock71 (not logged in) — August 29, 2009 @ 1:03 pm

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