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June 29, 2009

Blog ideas…

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iv’e been thinking about some stuff..idc if you guys agree or not…but maybe i was thinking we should make the blog bigger! like make more pages about stuff that ppl want! you know? more pazaz(idk how to spell it xP lol) but you know? like work together or make the blog bigger, like i do a Planetcazmo page and chobots or pandanda page? idk but i’m working hard on my page and i think Pigpen should do a free realms page, trains and spq can do clubpenguin and that way we’ll each be doing equal work, to make the blog better so what do you guys think? THIS IS JUST TO MAKE THE BLOG BIGGER AND BETTER AND TO PULL IT UP MORE! Trains, i know your being a stalker on your iphone so i hope you agree with this, i just think we need to make it more big, and better then ever ya look we got a css we’ve done alot, and each of the authors should be very proud of their selves for all the hard work they’ve put in! sure me and pigpen have had fights but we’ve gotten over it see? and when heat removed trains, remember? when we all yelled at trains to shut up about it? well did we get over it? ya and we even laughed about it see thats what i expect (: i hope everyone agrees and trains soon we’ll be at 40,000 hits thats awesome! that’s what we need! hope you guys agree


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  1. i got 2000 hits yesterday 🙂

    Comment by doggy17 — June 30, 2009 @ 11:37 am

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