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June 13, 2009

TrainsTvFans Chat Grand Re-Opening Today

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hey guys um i’m working on some stuff for the chat! and well were having the grand re-opening today i want everyone there! i just told a bunch of ppl i’m making the chat rules thing it will be done in 20 mins or so ok?! and i’m also making some other stuff for the chat i can’t tell what were making 😉 so wait and see! i will talk to Spq96 about coming to the chat when the party goes on umm Trains you and me are on i think eastern time or central soo…idk what time is it for you but for me it’s 1:39pm for me the party start at 4:00pm my time ok!? soo i will talk to spq about like what yoda ads does puts the link on his site to the chat for like rh spotters you know i might get spq96 to do that for us trains yw…like he’ll put the link to our chat on his site for us ok? so be ready

  • Trains Tv Chat Grand Re-opening
  • 1:00 – 2:00pst
  • be there or your gay! xDD
  • also be at spq96s party or be gay the rest of your life xDD

sooo currently being made : Chat rules

soooo Pigpen&Trains give me a list of everything you would like and i’ll make it thank you


Edit : Trains heres your chat rules i’m done : merry christmas lol xP


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