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June 8, 2009

sorry iv’e been busy =/

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hey guys Zapper here, well i’m sorry i haven’t been posting for a while you guys wanna know why? Well, on planetcazmo i am a PCP(PlanetCazmoPlanetarian) it’s a program on the website, i have to help alot of ppl on that game. It’s really hard and iv’e been working on this really succesful PlanetCazmo Blog with some other friends. So i hope you guys understand but i will be back soon. BigDawg Lets me off for the day around 5:00pst so if you need me at all for anything i will be on on server beatstreet, Beach party so pigpen look i’m sorry i told you to stfu on twitter….it’s just PlanetCazmo is making me stress out, and soon iv’e got a bigger job coming. Iv’e got PCAP(PlanetCazmoAmbassadorProgram) ranking soon that will have me even more stressed the mods have been watching me, and thats just hard on me so guys forgive me for being absant.

-Zapper903 Pc jr Ambassador


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