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April 3, 2009

Myths, Glitches…And Just Some Plain Wierd Stuff O_o

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First off, I want to start with the Box Demension.

Claimed Story: Most people claim that, if you stay off the middle of the ‘rhelm world’, the Big Box will ‘open’ and something comes out. Some say ‘A monster’, others say it just…well…opens…Just a reminder, nothing opens in CP…unless it’s decorations.

Answer: A test study SHOWS that it’s clearly not true. You can obviously see that anyway. It’s another ‘Dance Club Rooftop’ case. In that story…they said ‘The platform in the middle will open and Cadence will fly out.’ Clearly, that wasn’t true. So neither is this one. Myth…busted 🙂

Rainbow Puffle

Claimed Story: Some penguins ‘claim’ they have saw a ‘Rainbow’ puffle around Club Penguin. Others think it will come out…sooner or later. Others say the mysterious rainbow puffle WON’T come out. I have no idea why…but they maybe right.

Answer: This is another ‘I don’t Know’ question. The Rainbow Puffle hasn’t appeared YET in Club Penguin. From October 2007 to January 2008, the Yellow puffle has been around. It came out, didn’t it? The White puffle, spotted during a party, and about a month later…it came out. So, if you see a ‘Rainbow’ puffle, or any other ‘colour’ of a puffle, expect it to be out. Unless it’s a bug…that Gizmo didn’t fix.


One very cool glitch, that we don’t know who found it, and released to the public by Chrisdog93. This is one very cool glitch. Here’s the steps:

1. Get a Portal Box from the Box store in the Snow Forts

2. Place it in a side of the igloo (east, west, north, south)

3. Walk away from the box.

4. Walk towards the box

5. BEFORE YOU GO INTO THE PORTAL, click the ‘Edit’ button. (The tape measure.)

6. You will end up in the Box Dimension, with no one’s names showing, nor speech bubbles.

How to stop this glitch:

Go back to your igloo, click the edit button, then click it again.

Now this glitch shows you how to get on the Night Club (but no one can see it, sadley)

1. Go to the Town

2. Sit IN BETWEEN the two boxes infront of the Gift Shop, on the RIGHT!

3. Right above the time, there should be a magnifying glass, and something saying ‘100%’. Click on it.

4. Click ‘Custom’

5. Put in 1000%

6. Click ‘Ok’

7. Where the WHITE, and the NIGHTCLUB MEET, click there. About 30 seconds later, you’re on it.

8. Dance, do whatever!

How to stop this glitch:

To get off, use your map, or if you do, use your Spy Phone.


In the events, it said that there was a new catolog. (Yes there was), but since it was the APRIL FOOL’S PARTY, instead of putting it at 12:00 AM, PST (3 EST, 2, 1, 12, AND 11), they put it at 12:00 PM, PST (NOON). Wierd, right?


Hope this helps with some stuff.




  1. actually, the catalog thing isn’t that weird. Sometimes parties come out at that time and once another catalog did too. so no offense but that part isn’t weird.

    Comment by Alienpop — April 4, 2009 @ 10:02 am

  2. lol

    Comment by Corn Chipper — April 4, 2009 @ 7:51 pm

  3. Heyy pigpen/dane its ben can i be an auther of your site? here is my email

    And can you add my site to your blogroll here is my site


    Comment by icehours — April 7, 2009 @ 8:42 pm

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