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March 22, 2009


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Here are the therios:

# 1: The Pigpen, Zapper mishap.

Apparently Zapper and me has started fighting. Rarely talking to each other with-out using caps. Apparantly, Zapper claims he is ‘quiting’ Xat and is not posting anymore because of me. That MAY be true. But Zapper has started this fight. And I’m not the one who is going to ‘fix’ it. I tried. Zapper doesn’t want to talk. Zapper has to ‘fix’ this proplem. I will deny ANYTHING said until Zapper fesses up, or is deleted.

# 2: CP after dark

Well…Zapper was waiting at my igloo. When I went there, he goes “BUSTED!” He goes to the Dock, telling me to come with. I do, which is revealing that me meeting CP After Dark. Zapper ‘claims’ that CP After Dark has ‘found’ the info of me making him mad. Saying ‘You’re mean Pigpen’. Because of Zap, false info is now on Youtube. Great goin’.

# 3: Zapper commiting suicide:

I just got word from Conner35 sayin’ that Zapper has just commited suicide. LOL. One thing Conner. You’re LIEING. For one thing, he said ‘yeppers’. Nobody says ‘yeppers’ when their brother has ‘passed away’. He only put the sad face ONCE. Which indicates that it was a lie. He would’ve yelled at me. All he said was ‘Because you were mean’ BOLOGNA! (ba-lon-e) or (bol-og-NA) It was a lie. Zapper is on now. LOL, he said he passed OUT, not AWAY.


So…Zapper…I’m sorry. For whatever the hell I did. Please forgive me.



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