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March 22, 2009

Aunt Arctic Search Party

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hey guys well i thought there could be a huge aunt arctic search group going today -.- shut up trains lol he found her…no fair.. but anyway everyone! meet at frozen at the dock were gonna get a search party goin for Aunt Arctic!
when: Today march 22nd
where: Dock
add eachother so we can split up and find her! and it’ll go like that today just first meet at frozen dock and then it’ll go down cuz when you see your buddy online you’ll know whos where so ya please come and help us!

p.s this party was posted on yodas site,pengspace,cp sites,over 50 blogs and more!


zapper if u read this i need to know where i can convert videos to my computer idk convert tube just doesnt work so if anyone knows any good one plz comment telling me about it


Pigpen98 says: Read below:

To Zapper – Sorry, but I will not attend th ‘Aunt Arctic Search Party’. For two reasons; 1. I have already found AA (Aunt Arctic) TWICE in one day…2. I gotta finish my 6 minute CPMV (Make It Rain Remix)

To Trains: Do you mean like save it to your computer? If it is…if you don’t have a Mac, try WMM (Windows Movie Maker). If it says that it can’t load, it means that you have too much stuff saved. 😉 Good luck Zap and Trains 😉



P.S: Pigpen98 Productions forever!


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