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March 5, 2009

KCA 09!

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hey everyone well the Kids Choice Awards (KCA) 2009 are coming soon! um i think they said march 13th? or whatever ok so i went on the website and did the kca nominee award votes and CHRIS BROWN WAS A NOMINEE AGAIN!!!! PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM DO NOT LET HIM GO TO THE KCA! PLEASE DO NOT PICK CHRIS!! RIHANNA IS A NOMINEE AS WELL PLEASE PICK HER! NOT CHRIS PICK RIHANNA! ok so on saturday on some Icarly specail there will be a BIG SECRET 1-800 NUMBER when you see it write it down and call in to be one of the KCA 09 SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS! 2 WINNERS WILL TAKE 4 OF THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS OR FRIENDS to the KCA with them! and runner up winners will get a cool,special KCA T-SHIRT! ok so here are the kca nominee stuff and nominees

  • Favorite Reality Show [i voted for American Idol
  • Favorite TV Actor [i voted for stupid cole sprouse…]
  • Favorite Cartoon [i voted for the simpsons]
  • Favorite Female Athlete [idk and idc lol]
  • Favorite Book [diary of a wimpy kid] lol
  • Favorite Movie [i voted for iron man]
  • Favorite Movie Actor [i voted for WILL SMITH!]
  • Favorite Movie Actress [idk and idc lol]
  • Favorite Animated Movie [i voted for BOLT!]
  • Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie [i voted for JACK BLACK! old 2008 kca host]
  • Favorite Male Singer [i voted for T-PAIN!!!]
  • Favorite Female Singer [i voted for RIHANNA]
  • Favorite Song [i voted for katy perry]
  • Favorite TV Show [i voted for icarly..–]
  • Favorite Music Group [i voted for daughtry]
  • Favorite TV Actress [i voted for miranda cosgrove she hot lol]
  • Favorite Male Athlete [i voted for Peyton Manning]
  • Favorite Video Game [i voted for guitar hero]

so whos looking forward to the KCA this year? well im gonna miss jack black =( he was a pimp he was awesome you know? also please enjoy Jack Black’s old KCA song

well cya guys later -Zapper903


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