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March 5, 2009

Cphq Tracks Rockhopper!! [NEW]

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zapper903 @ 11:59 pm

HEY EVERYONE! guess what!!! Cphq has now got there own RH TRACKER IT IS 100000% ACCURATE! ITS BETTER THEN STRAWS,CHEWYS,CHRIS’S ALL OF THEM PUT TOGETHER! this is huge! THIS IS BIG! it works it will track your self,Chewy,Trains,Mohd anyone! Thank you to our awesome hackers,cp trackers,cp trainer helpers Andyh2,Sam,JOE!! thank them! you should all bow down to them right now! here it is!

want the HTML code? here it is – <a href=””><img src=”” alt=” Rockhopper Tracker”></img></a>

and if you want the CPHQ Rh Tracker post you can find it here : hope it helps everyone! Please thank my cphq Admin Andy2 and my 2 friends Sam,Joe (btw Joe is from IAMTHEWALRUS) dont fear him or you’ll make him mad 😛 lol but anyway i really hope that helps Cphq is tracking! -Zapper903


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