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February 28, 2009

Rockhopper has arrived and a new Mystery!

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hey guys um ok Trains Tv staff enough with the like posts about you know like life ok? i mean we can post them sometimes but you know ok soo Rockhopper has arrived 1 new item…no new Bg…Rockhopper needs to bring new items im sick of old items that keep coming out cuz like when the items you already have come back theres nothing new to buy i mean come on! well anyway heres the migrator pic pirate.jpg

heads up for new cp users : if you are new to clubpenguin or have seen other users going in Rockhoppers room and you cant get in you need Rockhoppers key you can find it in the book room

  • log on cp
  • go to any server
  • go to the book room
  • you will see a big book on top of the shelf click on it
  • go to the “journal of Captain Rockhopper” book
  • open it go to the last page you will find the key get it then go to Rh’s room
  • you can play the new game there

and also there is a new mystery around about the white puffle well it is true! you can check our new Author Corn Chippers post about it! you can find the white puffle at the moutain/dojo court yard it will come every um 25/30 minutes in the bushes just be patient!

well thats all for this post keep checking back for more updates untill then Waddle on!


BTW PIGPEN I NEED YOUR HELP AT POSTING CAN YOU UPDATE SOME THINGS TO HELP? like glitches,updates,catalog cheats,secrets,rh stuff k thx  -Zapper


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  1. Heyyy! GREAT POST!!

    Comment by Unsellili — March 20, 2009 @ 3:43 am

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