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February 28, 2009

I’m Sorry

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Look everyone i’m sorry for everything Trains i just wanna say i’m sorry dont change the site it is cool idc about Ojoc he copys chewy and mohd idc about Snow dobby he sucks eggs and idc about Fever same with him he sucks eggs man idc about Chris’s site WAIT! i do it’s just Trains’s site is cool to but i just wanna help make the site better then Chris’s or Chewys =( thats all Trains im sorry ok? and just to say when i go on chat you will find me on heyshady 24/7 now cuz Mohd,Slak,Heyshady,Jesse,Enzo,Cheesepizza4,Electro1234,Jedi,Straw000 and more of them that i hang out with go there so i will not cuss anymore i will not fight back to any of you ok? and there is something i must show now i have been hiding this for A LONG TIME and now here it is i have never showed anyone this but now i must i have hidden these items from all of you if you see me on cp please dont ask for me to show it cuz whenever i do i get crowded it’s annoying but here this is so this is what i wanted to show everyone i am real i DO NOT HACK 10000% DO NOT HACK EVER! i dont wanna go back to juvy i banned big red =/ got busted there but ya Trains im sorry ok? just please everyone i hope you understand and i hope you guys um well forgive me and i know i havent said sorry to anyone hardly but this time i really am i will not fight back i will not cuss i will not bann anyone EVER AGAIN on chat i will only bann Racism but thats it and guys please forgive me =(

Trains im sorry and yes you have had a beta buddy all this time i never ever told you cuz well i didnt want any crowd i hate crowding it’s annoying and it bugs me i don’t like attention grabbers ecept Trains,Heat,Jedi,Slak,Mohd,Chewy there cool with me and everyone that i know but still Trains im sorry please forgive me and btw i edited that one about me post i made and um guys just forget everything i have done and please forgive me im home alone =/ cuz my whole neighborhood is under lock-down right now cuz of some bad dude geez well guys please forgive me



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  1. 😮 what is going on now a days

    Comment by Rock71 — March 1, 2009 @ 10:02 pm

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