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February 28, 2009

Fano on Rampage!!

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everyone! listen up! if you happen to see Fano anywhere on cp report him A.S.A.P! and if you see him on any chats please pc him and cuss him out! he has done something very bad! HE IS THE PERSON MAKING THE ANNOYING FAKE BETAS!! o ya sure if you see Ojoc A.K.A Electro dude he is a new fake beta me and Pigpen98 just saw him about 25 minutes ago on frozen dock with his fake beta hat! if you see anymore fake betas or any that look fake please tell us! Fano is on a rampage with Hacking if you join Cp hq forum! please go straight to Joe,Plonk,Microchip123 A.S.A.P we all have got to put a stop to Fano! i am sick and tired of being tricked with Fake betas they are annoying!

  • Fake betas list so far
  • 88harrison
  • Electro dude A.K.A Ojoc
  • Dragon Z

Even ask Chewy (Kingpin2) and Mohd 222(samy) if they are tired of these fake betas if you ask mohd what he thinks of Snow dobby and Fano your answer will be : Epic fail if you ask chewy what he thinks  of Fano he will say “Fano is a fool” so if any of you see Fano please let us know WE NEED EVERYONE TO JOIN IN PLAN B TO STOP FANO! our plan to take down fano is send messages to cp everyday reporting Fano! i already told them about the fake betas they replyed and said “hello Zapper we are aware of that problem we have gotten reports of them if you know who is responsible for it please let us know” so we need you all to send about 10-20 messages to cp every day helping to put a stop to Fano and Fake betas for good o! and btw also when you send the message to cp tell them Fano has 2 penguins cuz he does 1.Fano 2.Phat Fano so let’s take him down! Enzo is helping,Samy a.k.a mohd,Jesse from heyshady chat,Slak(real beta)

if you guys want the real clubpenguin beta list go here :


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  1. Ojoc or Fano would so do that!! Snowdobby always copys chewy and Mohds site all the time Snows site has been shut down by Chewy and Mohd and everyone from heyshady chat like 6 times in a row if it happens again bye bye Snow

    Comment by Lil Potts — February 28, 2009 @ 3:24 pm

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