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February 26, 2009

Posting from hospital =(

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hey guys Zapper here geez…im posting from the hospital! im on my laptop i should be home soon tho ok sooo if your wondering what happen well today at school we were outside for P.E THANK GOD FOR ONCE! and  well  we were playing Tug-A-War and well i was on the other side against 3 of my friends and they pulled soooooo hard i got a BAD,SEIROUS ROPE BURN and then when it happened the school sent me to the nurse and then they called my brother Nick to come over cuz his school is right across from my school so yaaa! IT IS BAD!!! MY BONE IS SHOWING!!! well not all of it but like 2 inches of it and my finger is white,burned,stings,and it looks like plastic …. dont ask…lol but anyway it is pretty bad the doctors took x-rays while i was yelling in pain and um i kinda accidently kicked a doctor in the …..umm nvm i said sorry.. =/ lol but ya it is really bad i have one of those sorta metal things that has the 2 metal locks on it around my finger it’s my finger on my right hand by my thumb =( it hurts sooooooooooo badddd!! god! so ya it looks like plastic like micheals jacksons face HAHAHA and its burning,stinging, and my bone is kinda showin like i said about 2-3 inches going across like where you bend it

so yaa well i hope to get better soon



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