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February 22, 2009

Zappers party – 3:00pst [hurry up Trains]

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hey everyone my early birthday party is in less then 4 hours if your coming i need to know now! Trains that means you!!!

  • when : 2/22/09
  • where : Zapper903s igloo on map
  • time: 3:00pst
  • server: Sleet
  • who? : Zapper903

after the party we will all switch servers and go to Trains party

  • Trains Tv Airlines Returns
  • when : 2/22/09
  • where : Trains13s igloo on map
  • time : 5:00pst
  • server : White out

Message for Trains : Hey Trains hurry up my party is starting in 3 hours OVER 30 PPL ARE EXPECTING YOU THERE! omg… i swear Trains if you dont show up Everyone will be PO’D im at Sleet, Dock right now idk if your still online or not but Trains you better stay on if you don’t im not coming on chat at 4:00pst today ill go on chat and go straight to Heyshady so Trains you better come and i’m also coming to your party and WT* WHO SAID YA YA WAS HOSTING UR PARTY ALSO? YOU HARDLY EVEN KNOW HIM! IV’E TALKED TO HIM MORE ANY OF YOU OMG… Trains Also Mohd 222(samy) might show up at ur party also idk yet he should be on chat pretty soon and if he doesnt come it means he’s asleep…. Trains if your gonna record my party DONT DO IT WITHOUT ME KNOWING CUZ I CAN BE…umm you know… well cya later…im on cp idk if Trains is online or IDK WHERE HE IS!


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  1. I AM COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF I CAN!

    Comment by Rock71 — February 22, 2009 @ 6:45 pm

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