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February 22, 2009

Puffle Party and Friends hangin out

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hey everyone Zapper903 here so what do you guys think of the puffle party?!? i kinda like it and hey did anyone notice what song it is?! IT’S THE MARIO SUN SHINE GAME SONG!! LOL i noticed that i was like what the heck lol so heres everything about the party

  • cove – red puffle place
  • forest – blue puffle place
  • snow fortsall puffles
  • beach – all puffles
  • lighthouse – yellow puffle place
  • lighthouse beacon – green puffle place
  • pool – black puffle place
  • ice burg – pink puffle place
  • dance club – purple puffle place
  • dojo court yard/moutain – white puffle place(wait 30/35 minutes)

and if you go to the lighthouse and go to the yellow puffle sitting by the easel go where it says “stand here” dont worry you wont get rick rolled xD lol but this is what the puffle does :  it paints a picture of your penguin haha Trains your yellow lol im blue i show up more hahaha lol well thats all for now cya later guys -Zapper903


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