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February 21, 2009

Screenhog on ClubPenguin puffle History!!!

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hey everyone Zapper903 here ok well Screenhog made a very cool/interesting post! it’s all about Clubpenguins very own Puffle history! now when Clubpenguin first opened they were making ideas for pets and here are some of the ideas they had PuffleConcepts copy copy.jpg

then they started mixing stuff around and came up with the very own Puffle now first when i joined which was around hmm lets see when i lived in Wa(state) i had a friend Connor who showed me cp around i think it was January 2007 i remember it was a snow day so i went to connors house and he showed me it so anyway when i first joined cp they had the Blue,purple,pink,red,green,black and then a few weeks later when the stage was being built we happen to see the new yellow/golden puffle whatever you like to call it and now we have a new mystery puffle which some of my friends already know about the new white puffle as you read on the post about it you can see it at the “dojo court yard” ok listen DO NOT BLOCK WHERE IT APPEARS or everyone will get steamed mad trust me 0_0 so when everyone says “stop talking” that means zip it and sit still and then it should appear every 30-35 minutes. so thats all for this post stay tuned for more updates

-Trains btw i went on Pengspace and asked wottles cousin littlemissematte to make you that party banner cuz wottles wasnt online so i asked his cousins they said hey no sweat it wont even take any time so it should be done pretty soon! and ur peng is gonna be on it! so everyone guess what? TRAINS TV AIRLINES RETURNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DO NEED A SEAT AND A TICKET! NO TICKET NO PLANE! when the party invite is done i promised trains i would post it so when it is done it will be posted!

-Zapper903 [im at frozen dock right now i just saw the white puffle]

btw Trains can Lil potts work here also? hes really famous and hes my buddy! he has his own blog its so can he? k thx Trains -Zap

Sure just tell him to come to my chat so i can have his email

Oh zapper lol i post about the plane already but good news when u get the invite done i will use your invite for the reminder all the cptv fans of the party so dont stop making it or get mad Thanks



Ok thx Trains…im really hey im about done with the invite i just gotta go talk to Xtra Cash he made it and btw Trains i went around to mostly every freakin famous cp blog site and commented for them to check out your blog omg….43 blogs….wow…btw Trains ur dumb…. look :  see Trains im under pressure….i um have something to say….I DIDNT START ON TILL NOW!!! BUT XTRA CASH AND YODA  AND CHRIS ARE WORKING ON IT! gosh…im on frozen dock… P.S TRAINS THAT SONG FOR THE AUTHORS PARTY VID SUCKS!!!! -Zapper



  1. Hey, nice post!
    Cool website.
    Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Jellyboard — February 21, 2009 @ 5:54 pm

  2. wow Thank you Jellyboard! and hey thx you got my comment =) wow Trains will be reallllly suprised!

    Comment by ZAPPER903 — February 21, 2009 @ 11:41 pm

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