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February 18, 2009

Club Penguin Planet! (with Trains Tv fans also)

Filed under: Uncategorized — Zapper903 @ 7:03 pm

hey Zapper903 here again! well theres this awesome cp forum that has ALOT OF PPL FROM CP! especially ppl from sleet dock,mammoth dock,frozen dock and they also know about Trains Tv and Cptv so thats pretty awesome!! and if you join today you have a better chance of being famous,meeting ALOT OF NEW FRIENDS! well hope to see you all there join today! and also if you go to either Frozen dock,sleet dock you have a better chance of meeting EVERYONE FROM HEYSHADY CHAT! HEYSHADY CHAT IS AWESOME!! IT GETS OVER 25 PPL A DAY! everyone at that chat is either a member or a beta WE HAVE NO NON MEMBER PPL AT THE CHAT! you will meet HEYSHADY a.k.a Bryanshady,Samy a.k.a Mohd 222,Zapper903 a.k.a Zapper,Cheesepizza4 a.k.a Cheese,Jedi the beta,Chocolate the rare beta,accessory! and more of your famous friends!



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