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February 18, 2009

Chris Browns threat tords Rihanna

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hey everyone zapper903 here um did any of you hear about what Chris Brown did to Rihanna? ok 2 words for chris SC** YOU! and another 3 words for him GO TO JAIL! ok if you didnt hear what he did well on the night of the grammy awards Chris Brown and Rihanna were going to the awards but as some of my school friends say “chris wasnt there” and as i heard Rihanna did not get the R&B AWARD so as some ppl say Chris Brown punched Rihanna in the face and broke her nose well you know what i say? HOW DO ANY OF US FROM CLUBPENGUIN EVEN KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! well think about this for a minute could it make sence if Rihanna got mad that she didnt get the award she wanted so she got mad and punched her self and Chris LEGEDLY slapped or punched her to make her stop so she then got mad at Chris and then punched him back so then it happened and rihanna punched her self in the nose and she blamed it on Chris so now he has a record?!!!! you know that could be possible well who knows?! Chris says he didnt do it and hey also think about all rihannas songs and the lyrics like her song “take a bow” remember her lyrics? “grab ur clothes and get gone” and what about her other song “disturbia” her lyrics “theres a theif in the night coming to grab you” that sounds like she hates everyone dont you think? well what do you guys think about it? well just wanted to tell you guys about it keep checking back for more ClubPenguin updates! untill then Waddle on! -Zapper903


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