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January 25, 2009

Post for piplup to put on heats site for me

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hey piplup dont put this party on the post but here it is plz copy everything in this psot and put it on heats site thanks!
Hey everyone its Trains13

so im hear to tell u Trains Airlines is back and better than ever! lol as most of my friends know there was a problem so they had to fix it all this time so i just got word that its ready for its first flight so if u dont know wat trains airlines is than watch these two videos

This first one is something kofi made for me!

And this next one is of Trains Tv FIlming a live flight i made this one:

ok now everyone i will tell u maybe this weekend or something i think Trains airlines will be back in Club Penguin! Lol its coming from canada where the crash happen :-O lol so stay turn and if u wanna book for Trains airlines than come to my site

” ” or u can just click this link to go directly to the page! CLick the word Airplane to go there
Airplane That is the link to the site page and if u want a seat just comment on that page and congrats when Trains airlines comes to cp u will be onboard!

We hope u enjoy your flight
Trains13 and the Trains Airlines Crew!


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