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January 16, 2009

Lilguy574 .vs. Cabluey

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was up penguins Zapper903 here tellin you the big cp news ok you all heard of jc4x4 right? well hes the main admin of cpt forum ok and he had 2 members named Lilguy574 and Cab(cabluey) and everyone thought Lilguy574 was a bad penguin becuz they heard that he hacked their forum and he sent their members Trojan Horse virus and scammed them but!!! LISTEN UP Lilguy574 is innocient!!! thats right he didnt do it! if you belived lilguy did all that your wrong when i say the real mean penguin who got my friend lilguy accused ur gonna be shocked it was *drum roll please* CABLUEY OF TNT thats right it was cab he was posing on cpt forum as lilguy scamming,hacking,and everything else so all you penguins who thought lilguy was bad GO SAY SORRY TO HIM NOW! cab if ur reading this YOUR BUSTED I CAN’T BELIVE MY FRIEND CAB WOULD GET MY BUDDY LILGUY ACCUSED AND HATED WELL NOW this is going to be like

MOHD 222 VS SUPPOSED well thats over now but this time its Lilguy574 .vs. Cabluey

 so whos side are you on? cabs? [no one belives him] or lilguy? [EVERYONE BELIVES HIM!!!]


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