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January 6, 2009

Boring Week In CP……Again….

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Hey Stars and STU-STU-STU-STUddersteps, he he he..,

As you all know, Billybob, a part of the CP Mod Group, has not been posting daily and is posting about…Every…..2 days…so there’s nothing really new to post about.  So, I am naming this Club Penguin week, the most BORING’est’ week in CP. I’m sorry if you say it was a ‘fun’ week, but to me, it’s boring. Do you agree?


In Other News…: For the next 5 weeks, I have hockey right after school on Tuesdays. I get out at 3:05, but when this ends, it’s 4:30, if I walk home…I’ll be home around 5:00-5:15, if I ride, it mght be 4:45, so if im not on during that time, im at hockey. Just to let you all know.

Well, at least ONE thing was fun today, hockey, he he he…….



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  1. totally agree with pigpen THIS WEEK HAS BEEN BORING!! BILLYBOB HASNT DONE CRAP!!! and btw pigpen good luck with ur hockey games

    Pigpen98 said: Thanks. The other team tied at the last second, which my whole team says it was a goalie puck, and we all saw, but the Ref didn’t take it. So we tied, were ready for the next game.

    Comment by zapper9034 — January 6, 2009 @ 9:39 pm

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