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November 20, 2008

Fano for cp president

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hello penguins of cp zapper903 here and i’m Fano’s vp he’s now running for cp president with everyone else so VOTE FOR FANO! and if you would like like to run please contact : piplup ice99 and here is my speech why to vote for Fano for cp president

Fano is a great beta penguin he is nice,honest,trusting and he looks out for his friends when he’s on cp he gives out cards!! and if your lucky he will get a free picture with you like me!  see and also Fano is great to hang out with he will put you in a video or if you buy his ebook it comes with a free adding from Fano so that is why you should vote for Fano he says if you vote him he will be the most nicest,honest,trusting penguin and he will hang out with you anytime and i think trains hates him @_@ BUT TRAINS GET OVER IT YOU SORE LOSER anyway Fano doesnt like fighting he doesnt mind being a non-member he doesnt care but he is now a ninja beta so VOTE FOR FANO!! or youll regret it!


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  1. hes got my vote.

    Comment by cool23465cp — November 21, 2008 @ 10:45 pm

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