Trains13's Club Penguin Cheats

November 11, 2008


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hey everyone from cp trains chat crew here well trains13’s chat is closed down trains got xbox live and ever since he hasnt been there for like 2 weeks so no one has came to his chat ever since and trains has abaned his chat and here we have a few penguins saying what they think : trains has a dumb chat, HE DITCHED US,WTH IS wrong with him so now everyone is going to pizzapizza99 chat there chat has had over 40 ppl come to it already ever since trains quit his chat we don’t know where he is or why he’s done this so trains if you see this plz understand and all the rest of you penguins

trains chat IS CLOSED DOWN!

~trains chat crew~

trains what have you done?!



  1. Trains what have u done? Is it all over? Cp, Xat, and WordPress? Is it the end of Trains13? *dramatic sad music comes on* Is it true? Really? Your gonna leave us like this?

    ~Fellow Trainstvfans chat group mod and crew person, Rock71

    😦 😥


    Comment by Rock71 — November 11, 2008 @ 11:39 am

  2. yea whats happened!!!!oh so i guess u like xbox better than everything now!oh yea nobody comes to ur chat anymore seriusly and now i have to say it i do go to pizzapizzas chat now because there IS like 40 ppl there everyday sooo..oh yea ur fame is going down because of this

    Comment by heygurl245 — November 11, 2008 @ 11:32 pm

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